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Top Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in Florida

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Those who are in the market for insurance in Florida and not familiar with this state might be wondering what type of factors should be considered for protection. It’s common knowledge that the location of your property plays a big role in determining your insurance rates. We have also compiled a list of the most common property insurance claims filed in Florida for 2016.


#1: Water Damage


One of the most frequently reported claims in Florida is because of damage from water, however, property destroyed by water isn’t exclusive to flooding. Many reports filed are associated with damage from drain failures and broken pipes. Damages average beyond $6,000 on average per claim in some Florida counties.


#2 Theft or Burglary


Another very common homeowner’s insurance claim in Florida is burglary and theft, with the average claim being around $3,000. It’s important to understand the type of coverage you have for personal property, as some will not replace your products at full price. We have created a guide for those who need more information about this type of property coverage. A neighborhood crime rate history can also have an impact on the rate you will be paying.


#3 High Wind Damage


Many areas in Florida are prone to high winds, the result which can be damage from tornadoes, cyclones, and hurricanes. The typical cost for wind damage is significant, ranging on average beyond $5,000 dollars or more.


#4 Lightning


Many locations in Florida experience heavy storms, which is reflected in the numerous insurance claims for lightning. The damages reported most are electric discharge and fire. The average cost for these specific claims are $3,000.


#5 Floods


Living near the coast will increase your rates because of the potential risk for flooding. This type of risk is reported frequently for insurance claims in Florida. The cost of damages from flooding can range, on average, to $14,000 or more.


These are the top 5 common claims in Florida to take into consideration when reviewing home insurance quotes Florida for your own property. Use our information as a reference for which type of coverage is right for your home. You’re going to avoid a lot of loss if you insure your property with the correct coverage. All property insurance companies vary with their rates and coverage, so obtaining free quotes from more than 4 is recommended. Spending your time on finding the best policy can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Flood insurance is not automatically included with most homeowner’s insurance and must be added on to a policy. It’s important to not forget to add such important additional protection during comparisons; this will help you determine a concrete monthly rate for your premium.


Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry and now you’re empowered with knowledge that can help you avoid any loss of money due to an unfortunate event that may take place in the unforeseen future. Utilize our guide to obtain the best rates and coverage for your Florida home.


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