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Best Florida Home Insurance in 2016

Best Florida Home Insurance in 2016

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Homeowners can obtain the best property insurance through considering multiple factors, which includes investing your time into research. We cover important areas to go over when looking for the best coverage in 2016. It does not need to be a difficult task to find the right insurance policy in Florida; we break down the differences between what makes an insurance company, local or national, a good one.


It’s beneficial to understand what customer surveys reveal about the potential insurance company you intend to purchase from. Another necessary step is simply obtaining free quotes online to identify an average rate; it’s recommended to get at least four to five. We’ve developed a more in-depth guide on how to successfully conduct a homeowner insurance comparison for additional details.


The best homeowner insurance in Florida is determined by price, claims, and coverage. These additional components should be considered along with customer satisfaction.


Every insurance policy is different and it’s vital to obtain the one that is going to be the perfect fit for your home. Some coverage options important to understand are the following:


Personal Property: This coverage provides protection for your personal belongings such as your clothes, furniture, electronics, and any other additional personal property damaged by an event covered within your policy. A good insurance company will either provide a checklist or personal property calculator. New techniques to document personal property are emerging, such as the ability with smartphones to take a picture and upload it along with receipts through an app.

Liability: This basic essential coverage will provide protection against lawsuits from the injury done by you or a family member to a third party. Any costs or assets associated are covered. An example would be an event where your pet dog bites the deliveryman. If a family member or you causes property damage to a person while on your property, this type of scenario is also covered. One hundred thousand dollars’ worth of coverage is recommended.


Loss of use coverage: This type of protection can make a huge difference when you experience a repair too big to continue to live on your property. The cost of living expenses will be provided while your house is getting repaired.


Guest Medical Coverage: Accidents can occur and when they do with a guest on your property, you can have them protected for medical bills and other related expenses. The typical coverage per person is $1,000.00 and can be extended for additional protection.


Additional Structures: If you have other structures on your property, such as a detached garage or shed, then it’s important to know if it’s going to be covered in your policy. The majority of the time this extra coverage must be added.


Dwelling: Typically your home and anything attached to it is protected with this coverage when any damage is done by a covered hazard. Anything unattached, such as a guesthouse, may not be covered.


Acknowledging these factors when conducting research for the best homeowner insurance in Florida will provide you with great rates and coverage.


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