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    Must-Read Facts For Homeowner’s Insurance Buyers
    April 15, 2016
    Must read facts for Florida homeowner insurance buyers. You’ve just bought a beautiful house, and you are very happy with it. You want to do everything in your power to protect this asset for you and your family. The first step is to purchase Florida homeowners insurance, but navigating that can be difficult. There are important measures to take into account so that you can get the best and most affordable coverage for your new home. What you can expect Coverage-Wise First, it is important to understand what you can expect coverage-wise. Be smart when shopping around, knowing what typical rates are and what the limits are. Reasonable insurance will cover your property and belongings in case of a natural disaster or theft. It protects you against anyone who may try to sue you for injuries sustained on your property. Sometimes, homeowner’s insurance will extend to protect items inside your car that if stolen, auto insurance won’t cover. Decent homeowner’s insurance will also extend to your belongings during travel. When choosing a homeowner’s insurance, research market value in addition to replacement coverage. Insurance with reasonable market value will ensure that in case of total destruction to your property, there is still...
    7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Home Insurance
    April 19, 2016
    7 Tips To Buying And Getting The Most Out Of Homeowner Insurance Contrary to what a lot of people think about home insurance being a necessary evil, there comes a time when you will be grateful to have one. Your home is regarded as your most valuable and biggest asset and that is what home insurance seeks to protect. After investing so much time, money and energy in getting a home and keeping a home, it is only logical that it should be protected from whatever factor that can cause it harm. Because we understand that many people know little or nothing about insurance especially home insurance, we bring you 7 tips you would need when buying home insurance, getting the best value for your money so that when the time comes to put it to use, you will be ready.   Tip 1: Ensure that you know the precise value of your home and the amount of home insurance you need. It is very important to determine from the onset the amount of insurance you will need. To do this, engage the services of a home builder or an assessment company to give you the true value of your home. They will do this...
    Easy Steps To Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates
    April 22, 2016
    Easy Steps To Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rates You’ve just made an investment for yourself, your family, and your finances – you bought a house! You put in hard work to save up the money, and it has finally paid off. Now, it is time to invest in a strong, affordable homeowner’s insurance policy to protect what you’ve worked so hard for.   Sometimes it is hard to imagine affording a policy on top of purchasing a home, but it is most important to protect your home from unforeseen instances. These tips will help you find an insurance policy that is affordable for you.   First, be smart in managing your deductibles. Research the area you live in and see if the insurance companies around you have one deductible or separate split deductibles for different kinds of damage. If you purchase a policy with only one deductible, do whatever you can to increase that deductible. Although you will be paying more right away, your insurance will pay out higher claims, saving you on your premiums.   If you have multiple deductibles – say one for windstorm damage and one for hail damage, research which damages are more likely to occur in your area. Increase your deductibles...
    Helpful Hints For Buying Homeowners Insurance
    April 24, 2016
    Helpful Hints For Buying Homeowners Insurance If you've never purchased a home before, the process can certainly be a bit overwhelming. With so many other pressing concerns that need to be dealt with, it is easy to forget all about homeowners' insurance. When you are in the process of selecting a policy, these helpful hints will guide your decision.   Speak To Multiple Companies and Shop Around   Your mortgage lender will typically require you to purchase homeowners' insurance, so be sure to contact at least three different companies who can provide the necessary coverage. Depending on the terms of your mortgage lending agreement, you may also have to purchase additional forms of coverage, such as flood insurance.   When speaking to insurance companies, compile as much information as possible about coverage, prices and reviews. You'll want to seek the best value, as opposed to holding out for the lowest price. Excellent customer service is also a must.   Learn More About Escrow   In most instances, the homeowner should escrow their insurance payments with their mortgage payments. Most homeowners typically tack their monthly insurance payments on top of the mortgage check that they are responsible for writing each month.   With an escrow account, you can rely on the...
    Best Florida Home Insurance in 2016
    April 28, 2016
    Best Florida Home Insurance in 2016 Homeowners can obtain the best property insurance through considering multiple factors, which includes investing your time into research. We cover important areas to go over when looking for the best coverage in 2016. It does not need to be a difficult task to find the right insurance policy in Florida; we break down the differences between what makes an insurance company, local or national, a good one.   It’s beneficial to understand what customer surveys reveal about the potential insurance company you intend to purchase from. Another necessary step is simply obtaining free quotes online to identify an average rate; it’s recommended to get at least four to five. We’ve developed a more in-depth guide on how to successfully conduct a homeowner insurance comparison for additional details.   The best homeowner insurance in Florida is determined by price, claims, and coverage. These additional components should be considered along with customer satisfaction.   Every insurance policy is different and it’s vital to obtain the one that is going to be the perfect fit for your home. Some coverage options important to understand are the following:   Personal Property: This coverage provides protection for your personal belongings such as your clothes, furniture, electronics, and...
    How to Compare Homeowners Insurance in Florida
    June 5, 2016
    How to find Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Florida It’s important to beware of websites providing bogus Florida homeowner insurance comparison charts, it's unfortunate. However, there are some websites claiming to provide a comparison of insurance rates in Florida however what they really are doing is misleading. It can become as bad to being lied to with some of these automated lists of the best insurance rates. We created this guide for anyone in the market to understand the best strategies to determine the best kind of policies for their property insurance quickly. Our knowledge is from over a decade of experience saving people thousands of dollars each year with our comparison method explained in this guide. The knowledge we are providing can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, prepare to have a more in-depth understanding comparing property insurance in Florida. Focus on the value of protection and not only on the price. It's really important for understanding the level of protection you’re receiving and not overlook it with a low price. A lot of these comparison websites like to try and be attractive with displaying low prices for multiple types of coverage. However, it’s the details of the protection from the...
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    Florida is the Most Expensive State in America for Property Insurance
    June 5, 2016
    Florida is the Most Expensive State in America for Property Insurance Florida is well known as one of the sunniest states in the country; it is also the home of the highest homeowner insurance rates. Those who are new to this state will be surprised at the substantial difference in prices of coverage for property. The number one reason behind the sky rocketed insurance rates is because of the state having so much coastal real estate. The risk for natural disasters from hurricanes and tropical storms is higher than in any other state. At this time during 2016, the typical homeowner policy in Florida is double the national average. The county your property resides in will help dramatically with cost. Leon County provides the lowest rates, for example, because of its center-of-state location. Properties located in the southern half of the state that are closer to the ocean have the highest average insurance policy rates. Counties include Monroe and Miami-Dade. The history of these counties is filled with a lot of natural disasters, dramatically increasing the total cost for coverage. It’s very important to obtain home insurance in Florida that is going to provide you with adequate protection without being too much of...
    5 Useful Tips For Minimizing Homeowners' Insurance Costs
    June 5, 2016
    5 Useful Tips For Minimizing Homeowners Insurance Costs While homeowners' insurance can be very expensive, there is no reason why a homeowner should not investigate every possible avenue for reducing the costs. Did you know that there a variety of simple ways to cut down on your insurance premiums each month or year? If not, be sure to read on, so that you can learn more about these five useful tips for cutting down on homeowners' insurance costs. 1. Paying Off Your Mortgage Some might be shaking their head and wondering why this is even being suggested, while others are already well on their way to achieving this goal. Paying off your mortgage may seem like a difficult concept, but by doing so, you guarantee yourself a lower homeowners' insurance premium. Why? For one simple reason: the insurance company is much more likely to trust a homeowner who owns their property outright to take better care of it. 2. Review Your Policy Annually A homeowner should start a yearly tradition of shopping around and comparing other homeowners insurance florida policies to their own. It is also important to perform a thorough review of your own policy, so that you can uncover any changes that...
    florida homeowners insurance quotes online
    June 6, 2016
    A Guide To Purchasing Homeowners Insurance Homeowners are required to purchase homeowners insurance so that they remain protected when disaster inevitably strikes. But getting started is all about establishing the proper contract, one that will protect from the harsh realities of your chosen region. If you are in the process of purchasing homeowners insurance and do not know where to start, this guide will serve as a helpful companion. Selecting The Best Insurer The first aspect that you should look into when considering a particular insurer is their level of customer service. This is best measured by their responsiveness when claims are filed. A highly rated insurer will provide their customers with the correct amount of money when a claim is filed, whereas a lower rated insurer will leave a trail of unsatisfied customers in its wake, by providing them with consistently low settlements. Finding a company that pays out settlements in a timely fashion is also crucial. Ability To Settle Claims When a person has paid their premiums on time and been a loyal customer, the last thing that they want is to haggle with an insurance provider that will not make an effort to see eye to eye with...
    florida home insurance quotes
    June 6, 2016
    Eight Tips To Give Homeowner's Peace Of Mind -Homeowners Insurance Knowing what your homeowners insurance covers before disaster strikes can save you and your family a great deal of stress. Do you know what your insurance policy covers, what it doesn’t cover? There are eight things everyone can do to make sure they have peace of mind and full homeowner’s protection before anything happens. 1. Get an accurate inventory of all your belongings. Should anything happen, it is important that you have a record to prove the things you own and that their worth is verified. It is always a lot easier to take a good inventory while you still have all your possessions. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a video inventory on record. Go through your home with a video camera, going through each room making sure to get everything owned on record. Remember to also get the basement, attic, any closets as well as any storage units you may own located elsewhere. If you don’t have a video camera or have no means to rent or borrow one, then make a list of all your items and take pictures of them. Make sure to keep...
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    Sinkhole insurance has the potential to be dramatically reduced with Florida Legislature
    June 7, 2016
    Sinkhole insurance has the potential to be dramatically reduced with Florida Legislature As more sinkholes are appearing throughout the state, a new plan under Florida legislature can make coverage much more affordable. The bill will allow for insurance carriers to offer new sinkhole damage policies with limitations, some of these limits include only covering the cost of repairing foundations and stabilizing buildings. In previous years insurance companies have avoided offering sinkhole coverage and other times charged such a high premium it steered away homeowners. The key is by removing coverage for any damages inside the home such as personal property; this has allowed for the cost of sinkhole insurance to be dramatically reduced. Sinkholes may not be a common claim filed by residents of Florida with homeowner insurance. However, it has happened to people such as last year in Hillsborough County. The damage was a sinkhole 30-feet wide with a depth of 30-feet; that’s about the same size as a three-story building. Compared to other states, Florida does have an above average occurrence of sinkholes because of its location on the peninsula. The reason for this is because it's made from porous carbonate rocks that store water and help it move underground. There is...
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    Home Insurance in Florida
    May 12, 2016
    Essential Tips for Florida Property Insurance The majority of homeowners usually have a requirement known as Florida property insurance. It’s important to understand that there are a lot of important details that must be understood to obtain the best coverage and rates.   We have created a list of the most frequently asked questions for those in the market for homeowner’s insurance in Florida.   Type of Residence   The type of home you own will significantly impact the property insurance coverage; there are multiple types of policies and coverage limits depending on the type of residence. Examples:   Condos Townhomes Traditional Homes Rental Properties Manufactured Homes   There are different requirements for each type of home and varying policies, too, so it’s important to be accurate with your agent and also provide as much information as possible.   Age of Property   The typical rate for older properties range higher than those of newer properties. In fact, new homes are the lowest costing for property insurance. It’s important to be as accurate with the date of the home as possible for the best possible rates.   Property Location   The location of your home is a major factor in determining the rates of your property insurance. Risk is calculated based on multiple factors, such as...
  • home insurance florida
    Home insurance Florida Quote
    May 12, 2016
    Top Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in Florida Those who are in the market for insurance in Florida and not familiar with this state might be wondering what type of factors should be considered for protection. It’s common knowledge that the location of your property plays a big role in determining your insurance rates. We have also compiled a list of the most common property insurance claims filed in Florida for 2016.   #1: Water Damage   One of the most frequently reported claims in Florida is because of damage from water, however, property destroyed by water isn’t exclusive to flooding. Many reports filed are associated with damage from drain failures and broken pipes. Damages average beyond $6,000 on average per claim in some Florida counties.   #2 Theft or Burglary   Another very common homeowner’s insurance claim in Florida is burglary and theft, with the average claim being around $3,000. It’s important to understand the type of coverage you have for personal property, as some will not replace your products at full price. We have created a guide for those who need more information about this type of property coverage. A neighborhood crime rate history can also have an impact on the rate you will be paying.   #3 High Wind...