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Some facts About Why Car Insurance Rates Continue to Rise

Why it’s difficult to obtain cheap Florida car insurance

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Did you know with the low cost recently of gas prices has increased driving, as a result of this, vehicle deaths have risen by a staggering 8 percent! Automobile insurance is predicted to rise in 2016 due to these statistics. It is estimated by the National Safety Council that 38,300 drivers died as a result of driving in America for the year 2015, 4.4 million people were critically injured.

It’s also being reported that the year 2015 was, unfortunately, the deadliest year for drivers since 2008. A Theory of the increase in deaths is because of drivers distracted by text and mobile phone calls, it’s being reported that last year a quarter of all crashes was because of cell phones. According to the NSC Florida experience an increase of 18 percent for fatality rates. As more accidents are increased than the same will happen with insurance policy rates. One additional factor of the increase in deadly accidents is because of the increase of inexperienced drivers such as teens becoming first time drivers, this is why the younger you are the higher its going to cost you for your car insurance policy.

Unfortunately, right now in the state of Florida, it’s only a secondary offense, this unfortunately means before you can even be issued a citation for texting you must be caught with another offense such as speeding.

Fortunately, Florida lawmakers are finally doing something about texting and driving with a new bill that is currently in both the House and Senate, the goal is to make it a primary offense to text and drive.

Close to 2,000 tickets was issued to driving and texting drivers in Palm Beach County last year alone. Florida is already known for having some of the most expensive insurance in the U.S, those with good credit and a clean driving record can help themselves acquire cheap car insurance.

How can I fight back against these ridiculously high costing auto insurance premiums?

We have created a huge resource of tips to use as a reference when trying to pick up the right type of cheap car insurance. The first step is answering a few questions and acquiring multiple quotes from reputable auto insurance companies. There are multiple factors that can significantly determine if you can save some money on your premium or end up having to pay more. There are some strategies that can be applied to all types of drivers to help reduce the total cost of their monthly rates. The number one advice that you should follow above anything else is reviewing multiple quotes and not going with the first insurance company you saw while watching TV. There are a lot of benefits available to those who spend the time to find them, we make it easy by showing you 40 of the best car insurance companies that we have spent over a decade fine tuning our system to save our visitors thousands on their premiums.

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