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How to find the best auto insurance in Florida

How to find the best auto insurance in Florida

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Those who are in the market for auto insurance can significantly benefit with our guide as a reference before deciding on coverage. This type of purchase requires more than a few minutes of research and deserves as much as a couple of hours if not days. Whether you’re a new driver or switching, it’s important to compare the rates available with free quotes.

We recommend contacting top auto insurance companies based on customer surveys and reviews online from reputable resources. Do not settle for automated results from websites that will only display companies that are paying them to do so, explore well-known insurance companies on your own manually for the best information about coverage and rates.

Consider the type of coverage needed before committing to a policy, a much newer vehicle should have full coverage to avoid being stuck with no automobile. However, if you cannot afford full coverage, there is cheap car insurance Florida available with the bare minimum coverage to allow you to drive legally. PLPD (Public Liability and Property Damage) can cost as low as twenty dollars and is popular among those who can’t afford to pay for full coverage.

Law requires that all Florida residents obtain car insurance; the minimum coverage requirements are ten thousand dollars for personal injury protection (PIP) and ten thousand dollars for property damage liability. Let’s say for an example you’re in a collision, well no matter who’s fault it is, PIP will pay for any bodily injuries.

The location Florida is already high for the cost of insurance, in fact, its above average than most other states so be prepared to pay a little bit more. Each auto insurance company in Florida is different and should be evaluated based on multiple important factors.

Different cities in Florida affect coverage rates such as Liberty County averaging around $800.00 a year and Miami-Dade County averaging about $1300 a year, this is about a 40% cost difference. Miami FL is the home of the highest rates in the state, the average cost a year is $2000.00.

The best rates at the end of the day will only be available to those with a clean driving record if you have any traffic violations such as DUI then you can expect an above average premium.

Senior citizens can save money on their car insurance through programs like the American Safety Council and AARP for those over 55 and pass the driving course. After successfully passing the required driving course a discount will be given for three years!

Following this information can land you the best auto insurance in Florida, our research is compiled from a decade of experience. We recommend considering as much feedback available online about any potential car insurance company, try and find out if the company is reliable for making fast payments for claims. Sure you might have to pay a little bit extra for a well-known coverage provider, however, the peace of mind of repairing or replacing your car after an accident will be there for you to relax.

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